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Active Aqua Air Pumps

All Active Aqua air pumps are designed for the rigorous demands of commercial cannabis growers are high-pressure, oil-free, and environmentally safe, and consume low power as they work.

Experience the finest in hydroponic gardening for your commercial grow facility with Hydrofarm’s family of Active Aqua products.

Enjoy steady airflow output without the noise due to the super-silent multi-level mufflers built into the Active Aqua air pumps. The Active Aqua commercial pumps have electro-magnetic air compressors and are housed in high-quality aluminum alloy cases and are high pressure and high output.

Active Aqua air stones will get air circulating in your hydroponics setup and distribute oxygen and nutrients evenly. Air stones extend the life of your nutrients by keeping the solution oxygenated, which in turn keeps roots healthy and thriving and promotes faster plant growth.

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Active Aqua Air Pumps. Best hydroponic air pumps.
Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump, 12 Outlets, 112W, 110 L/min
Active Aqua Air Pumps- commercial air pumps for cannabis growers. hydroponic. Ebb and flow. Flood and drain
Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump, 6 Outlets, 20W, 45 L/min
Active Aqua grow and flow ebb and grow pumps for hydroponic commercial cannabis growers
Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb and Gro Controller Unit w/2 Pumps
Active Aqua Diaphragm air pump for commercial hydroponic cannabis growers.
Active Aqua Dual Diaphragm Air Pump
Active Aqua Air Pumps, best hydroponic air pumps.
Active Aqua Air Pump, 2 Outlets, 3W, 7.8 L/min, available in multiple sizes

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