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Welcome to Hydrofarm Commercial, a leading provider of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of organic farmers. We understand the challenges faced by organic farmers and strive to provide them with the best possible products and services to support their growth.

Our focus on organic farming is reflected in the range of natural and organic nutrient and pest control products we offer. Our products are carefully formulated using only natural ingredients and are free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides. This ensures that your crops remain healthy and safe for consumption.

We recognize that organic farming requires a different approach to pest control, which is why we offer a range of organic pest control solutions. Our products are designed to target specific pests while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects and the environment.

At Hydrofarm Commercial, we believe that organic farming is the way forward, and we are dedicated to supporting farmers who share this vision. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of organic crops, and our products are designed to help farmers achieve optimal yields while upholding the principles of organic farming.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service extends beyond our product offerings. Our team of industry experts is available to provide guidance and support to help you achieve your goals as an organic farmer. We are here to answer your questions, provide advice, and help you navigate the challenges of organic farming.

At Hydrofarm Commercial, we are passionate about supporting the growth of organic farming. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you achieve success as an organic farmer.

Aurora Innovations was founded in Eugene, Oregon by a group of conscientious,
organic gardeners. We are dedicated to bringing you superior and unique organic gardening products so you and our planet will be healthier
and happier.

We have it all — from bulk dry inputs like soybean meal and fish protein, to comprehensive liquid and dry nutrient systems.

Our mission is to turn the world’s finest ingredients into the world’s finest soils and inputs. Vertical integration allows us to consistently provide deluxe organic products on a large scale without losing sight of our organic ethos. With our in-house sources for essential base ingredients like peat and perlite, we sleep easy with the knowledge that every aspect of our business is ethical and sustainable.

Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI), creates products from microorganisms isolated from samples collected from unique niches and habitats such as flowers, insects, soil and composts. MBI’s proprietary technology enables them to isolate and screen naturally occurring microorganisms and plant extracts to identify those that may have novel, effective and safe pest management or plant health promoting characteristics.

We offer both organic and conventional pest control and prevention products.


Microorganisms and 350 plant extracts to rapidly develop effective and environmentally responsible products for integrated pest management with the goal of helping growers operate more sustainably while uniquely improving plant health and increasing crop yields.


At Gaia Green, we are invested in our clients’ success. Our suite of products is applied in greenhouses, landscapes, nurseries, sport fields, farms, cannabis facilities, tree planting and silviculture production, riparian areas, community gardens. If your project involves soil, then we have the appropriate nutrient system. It all starts in our production facility. We begin by sourcing natural ingredients based on quality to ensure that the highest specifications are met. Our goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial long-term relationships built on trust, quality products, and world-class service.