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We stock a wide variety of fertilizers and biostimulants to suit the needs of commercial growers.

From mineral salts in powder and liquid form to organic listed products, we have you covered. Contact our Commercial Specialists for more information.

Hydrofarm offers one of the most comprehensive inventory of the very best fertilizers and biostimulants in the industry. Our commercial specialist have the right solution for your grow facility because we stock the best brands, the best quality and we have the most experienced and knowledgeable commercial team in the industry.

House & Garden logo - Partner of Hydrofarm Commercial

House & Garden is a plant fertilizer producer focused on creating High Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Service.

House & Garden is located in Humboldt County, California, and produces premium-grade plant nutrients and fertilizers available across the globe. Whether you garden as a hobby, or grow food and/or flowers for the masses, House & Garden’s line of high quality plant nutrients and additives can aid in increasing your crop’s yield and overall quality.

While these products were originally formulated and produced in Holland, all of these premium products are now made in Humboldt County, California, using the same European practices and raw materials. With the combined power of Dutch craftsmanship and Humboldt’s plant-specific knowledge, Hydrofarm is proud to offer these nutrients and supplements to the world.

Aptus Plant-Tech logo- Partner of Hydrofarm Commercial

Nations across the earth are experiencing the negative effects of decades of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide usage. Salt build-up creates harmful runoff into our groundwater, pesticide residue is on much of our produce, and our food lacks the nutritional value it contained only a few decades ago.

Aptus technologies were developed in an effort to fix these problems short term and long term by creating highly available forms of nutrients.

The Aptus rise to prominence is built on True Plant Science, which extends into our philosophy, our technologies, and our approach. The result is growers experiencing quality, efficiency, and cost savings alike.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. This applies to products, client service and quality of our public image and beliefs.

Aptus grow nutrients are engineered to provide optimal nutrient sequencing and micro life stimulation to grow cannabis plants to their maximum potential.
Age Old logo - High Quality Nutrients. Partner of Hydrofarm Commercial

Dating back to the company’s inception in 1984, Age Old has always striven to develop plant fertilizers that are both sustainable and effective. Our product line was originally developed for discerning customers, who saw a need for high-performance products that nurtured the biological life in the soil. Today, we continue to strike that beautiful balance between the natural and synthetic worlds—embracing the “Age-Old” ways of growing, while weaving in specific technologies that enhance the growth of plants in a sustainable way. With a profound respect and appreciation for the age-old ways, along with a culture that thrives on research and innovation, we continue to test and develop plant nutritional products that bring solutions to growers across the country and around the world.

You can find Age Old products being used in greenhouses, container gardening, landscaping, and commercial hydroponic production. Our fertilizers, plant nutrients, and soil conditioners are also used on ornamentals, golf courses, farms, lawns, and athletic fields. Age Old has prospered and grown. Starting out as a small, family-run business, Age Old now distributes its products all over the United States.

Age Old Organics commercial bio provides optimal nutrients for Cannabis agriculture through a blend of research and technology.

Grotek, a Greenstar Plant Products brand, has been providing growers with quality science and exceptional results for over 20 years. Our high-performance products have earned the trust of both hobby and commercial growers worldwide. Grotek has been an industry pioneer, combining key organic extracts with mineral fertilizers, giving growers the opportunity to vastly improving harvest quality.

At Grotek, we have invested in our client’s success. It all starts in our production facility where we begin by sourcing ingredients based on quality rather than price. Virtually all of our ingredients are sourced from North America and Europe to ensure the highest specifications are met. Our goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial, long-term relationships based on trust and world-class service

We carry a wide variety of Grotek Products

Grotek's Vitamax Plus grow nutrient product has a formula of nutrients essential to support plant foliage, create flower development, and increase efficacy of base nutrients for use in water culture systems.
Heavy 16 Logo - Partner of Hydrofarm Commercial



  • Highest grade ingredients on the planet
  • Complex chemistry for easy application: more science, fewer bottles
  • Micro-batch blending techniques to ensure total quality control and peak freshness
Heavy 16 Veg-A
Heavy 16 Veg-A and Veg-B gives cannabis plants a durable and sturdy root foundation, paired with balanced and diverse organic micronutrients.
Heavy 16 Bud-A and Bud-B is a professional flowering base that improves overall plant nutrition, cannabis crop yield, and increases flavor complexities.
Heavy 16 Prime is a flexible and diverse nutrient for all cycles of plant growth. Prime eliminates the need for extra additives for commercial cannabis growers.
Heavy 16 Roots is an additive designed to enhance the rhizosphere, strengthen roots, and create a resilient plant for commercial cannabis growers.
Heavy 16 Fire is a hand-crafted additive used for existing cannabis plants toward the middle and ending stages of growth to increase branch foliage and phosphorous levels.
Heavy 16 Finish is a final additive that improves overall plant nutrition, balances and purifies plant soil, and improves efficiency of other nutrients for commercial cannabis growers.

Nutrient Brands

All of our nutrients & additives are eligible for easy Scheduled Inventory Fulfillment!

  1. Reduction of space dedicated to holding inventory
  2. Reduction of time required to assess inventory needs each week
  3. Equipment Maintenance Schedules
  4. Portal notifications for re-lamp, filters, irrigation, IPM to keep the farm running at optimal production

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