Ebb and Flow Trays

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Ebb and Flow Trays

An Ebb and Flow Tray (Flood and Drain Tray) is an economical way to conserve water and ensure that your plants receive the exact amount of hydration required for your climate.  Cannabis Ebb and Flow Trays are perfect for indoor grow facilities.

Advantages of growing on benches with Ebb & Flow trays

Save 50-90% of water compared to other methods of watering with a fully recirculating system.

Much easier to control relative humidity in the growing environment. Plant foliage and floors under benches are always dry.

Crops are always watered very evenly. No more constant touch-up watering on edges, etc.

Save 60 to 90% of labor compared to other irrigation methods.

Ebb & Flow benches are ideal for retail areas. Watering can occur even when customers are in the area with no hoses being used and the floors remaining clean and dry.

Ebb & Flow benches can be stacked in propagation and seeding areas and in growth chambers. No water dripping down to lower levels from the upper ones.

Save 75-90% of fertilizer compared to other methods of watering with a fully recirculating system.

Growers report using significantly less chemicals, especially fungicides.

Most crops, including cannabis crops, grown on Ebb & Flow benches tend to finish 1–2 weeks earlier than other irrigation systems.

We sell the Ebb and Flow trays separately or in combination with our signature Ebb and Flow Benches.

Our Ebb and Flow trays can be used as replacement trays in existing Ebb and Flow benches, or to convert other existing benches into modern Ebb and Flow sub-irrigation benches. If you wish to convert existing benches into Ebb and Flow benches, the following are some considerations to keep in mind:

Ebb and Flow trays are an economical and flexible way to conserve water and properly hydrate cannabis plants in a variety of sizes. Trays can be replaced in Ebb and Flow benches or converted to other existing benches.
  • The bench/bench framework must be able to support the Ebb and Flow trays either completely or with sturdy cross bars spaced no more than 50cm (19 1/2’) apart on center.
  • The existing bench framework must be sturdy and stable, able to support the benchtop, the plants, as well as the water when irrigating (about an additional 4 pounds per square foot).
  • The bench must be able to be leveled. Ebb and Flow trays must be completely level to function correctly. Ideally, there is a method to adjust the benchtop level at frequent locations (typically at each leg).
  • You will need to have access to the plumbing well at the end of the bench tray to connect the plumbing to the underside of the benchtop.

To learn more about Ebb and Flow trays, visit Innovative Growers Equipment website.

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