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Grow-optimized Dehumidifiers to maximize your yield with greater environmental control.

Anden provides precise and continuous humidity control for indoor environmental conditions. This is one of the most crucial and often-overlooked aspects of growing cannabis.

Through the use of smart alerts via Wi-Fi thermostats, Anden provides efficient and convenient monitoring of conditions anywhere, anytime. Anden can also help determine the exact latent load in your grow room and the correct size and number of humidifiers you will need.

Anden cultivation systems were built better specifically for you. For more information, contact your Hydrofarm Commercial Sales Rep today.

Anden Dehumidifiers

Anden Dehumidifier for active air dehumidification. Prioritizes removing moisture and circulates air to create a healthy and grow-optimized environment.

Built specifically with cultivators in mind, Anden dehumidifiers are the only dehumidifiers designed to remove moisture at lower temperatures to simulate fall growing conditions.

Anden dehumidifier for active air dehumidification control. Industrial and removes high quantities of moisture out of the air.

Anden dehumidifiers sample the air for three minutes every hour to ensure proper humidity levels are maintained.

Anden Dehumidifier for active air dehumidification, removing moisture and cycling air flow. Better for smaller greenhouses and spaces.

Anden dehumidifiers can maintain proper humidity levels any time of day throughout the growing life cycle.

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