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Grow Room Climate Control

Our cannabis climate control products are designed to keep your plants healthy and strong. Having the right temperature, humidity and airflow are of paramount importance to creating a healthy environment for the needs of your facility.

Your Hydrofarm Commercial Sales team can help you design a facility with everything you need to create an ideal climate for your operation.

Temperature Control

Cannabis growing requires proper temperatures for optimal growth. If it’s too hot or too cold, there will be a reduction in photosynthesis. Talk to your Commercial sales rep at Hydrofarm to calculate the optimal temperature control system for your grow facility.

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The Anden dehumidifier is a crucial key to commercial cannabis indoor farming, because it maintains desired heat and moisture levels necessary for the best crop yield.

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Humidity Control

The cannabis plant is highly sensitive to humidity swings, which can be damaging to a grower’s yield. That’s where Anden steps in, helping cultivation businesses grow more efficiently with humidity control equipment that is made specifically for their growing needs.

Airflow Systems

There are a lot of options to keep the air moving in your grow facility and the Hydrofarm commercial team can help you determine the best airflow options for your climate and space. Proper airflow mimics the cannabis plants natural environment, and serves many purposes including protecting the plant from pests and mold, helping control humidity and helping to develop structural strength.

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