Solutions for Commercial Cannabis Growers

After years of a successful cooperative partnership, Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE) and Hydrofarm Commercial are coming together as one division. We are excited to unite as Innovative Growers Equipment Inc. (IGE) – Hydrofarm Commercial Division.

As commercial cannabis growing expanded, so did the need for growers and cultivators to partner with industry experts to empower growers, farmers, and cultivators with products that result in greater quality, efficiency, consistency, and speed in their grow projects. IGE-Hydrofarm Commercial has the experience and the expertise to help you increase your yield and increase your ROI.

Let Us Design your Room

The Innovative Growers Equipment Inc. - Hydrofarm Commercial Division team provides expert design services that feature our industry leading products and brands. Take a look at what we can help you with:

  • Photometric lighting plans
  • Dehumidification layouts
  • Irrigation planning
  • Water treatment systems
  • Scheduled fulfillment for consumables
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Whether you are starting from scratch or retrofitting an existing space, we have the specialists to help.

Racks are an important foundational element in your grow. We can help you create an efficient layout and maximize your available space.

We use industry-leading, AMERICAN-MADE IGE systems. IGE products are designed and built under exacting standards to ensure lasting quality - get in touch for a custom quote.

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Hydrofarm is the proud manufacturer of PHOTOBIO LED lighting. PHOTOBIO is one of the best horticultural lighting solutions out there. We know growers of all sizes want high quality crops, cutting edge technology and affordable lighting solutions. PHOTOBIO delivers. And you don't have to take our word for it - we are DLC certified, outperform our competition and growers rave about our performance.

Let us put together a custom lighting layout for you.

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Grow Media

Clean coco. High yields. Hydrofarm's GROW!T Commercial products represent the highest quality coco coir available. Lab tested and ultra-clean, GROW!T™ Commercial Coco is a special blend of coir and pith for ideal drainage, and it's buffered for high yields. GROW!T Commercial Coco Coir is rinsed and processed for low EC levels, and every batch is lab tested for heavy metals. This premium coco is available loose, compressed, and in RapidRIZE™ Fast Expanding Blocks.

Our pros can help you select the best Grow Media for your crop.

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Innovative Growers Equipment Inc. - Hydrofarm Commercial Division is your one stop for the best commercial nutrients in the market. To name just a few, we manufacture and distribute House & Garden premium-grade plant nutrients and fertilizers, easy application HEAVY 16 base nutrients and supplements and the ever-popular, highly concentrated Mad Farmer premium plant enhancements. We have something for every grow out there - let us help you learn about all of our brands and pick the best for you.

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Featured Products

House & Garden

House & Garden is a plant nutrient producer focused on creating High Quality Products for the commercial cannabis industry. House & Garden’s line of high quality plant nutrients and additives can aid in increasing your crop’s yield and overall quality.

Scheduled Fulfillment

Don’t Get Caught Short at Your Cannabis Greenhouse

Our mission is to make life/work easier by providing solutions for commercial cannabis growers. This idea of trying to be a better partner and provide additional resources for our clients generated the idea of providing Scheduled Fulfillment. We calculate usage rates of cannabis consumable items (i.e., nutrients, cannabis growing media, pest management supplies, gardening accessories) and manage ordering and fulfillment.

Free Lighting Layouts

Let's optimize your space

Let our experts help you achieve optimum light levels for your crop by creating a custom light layout using the exact specifications of your growing area.​

Optimize Your Space

Free Custom Grow Room Design

Let's optimize your space

Get a turn-key plan from our commercial experts. We have everything you need to plan, build and install. ​

Optimize Your Space